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Don’t get stuck in a career that is the same each and every day—try contract management!

Contract managers use a broad set of business skills to analyze risk, price, and the terms of contracts. As a business professional you will have the opportunity to work with various departments within an organization and be involved in a meaningful way. Contract management demands competence in such areas as contract law, administration, accounting, psychology, management, and planning.

NCMA can help you succeed in this diverse marketplace. With our help, you can:

  • Get a job,
  • Make more money,
  • Meet influential people,
  • Maximize your future potential, and
  • Ensure you stay current with timely and relevant information on the latest breakthroughs in contract management.

Take advantage of NCMA’s student membership to:

To qualify for this membership class, individuals must be full-time students in an accredited, degree-granting institution, and not hold full-time employment in contract management or a related field.

Student Resources

How do I find a position in Contract Management? Where do I start?

Once you become a student member of NCMA we encourage you to attend local chapter events to make connections. Align yourself with like-minded young professionals and connect with people who are already working as contract managers. Learn about the career path in contract management.

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