Contract Management Standard

The purpose of the Contract Management Standard is to describe the nature of contract management in terms of the contract management processes created through the integration and interaction of job tasks and competencies, and the purposes they serve. The common and repeated use of this standard will improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. The Contract Management Standard is a doctrinal publication serves as the foundation of the Contract Management Body of Knowledge®, Fifth Edition.

The Contract Management Standard is provided to everyone as a no-cost download (NCMA membership is not a requirement). Its wide dissemination is highly encouraged. Feedback is always welcome and a means of submitting feedback is provided below.

What is the intent of the Contract Management Standard?

  1. Define and standardize the term of “contract management.”
  2. Present and define the processes involved in all phases of the contract lifecycle (pre-award, award, and post-award).
  3. Develop and fortify contract management practices, policies, and processes.
  4. Inspire critical thinking and learning to bring efficiency to the contract management profession.
  5. Be a living document, with a formal change process.


Consensus was established through a job task analysis survey and working groups comprised of materially affected and interested parties. This process included a survey of contract managers, expert drafting, peer review, and a formal public comment validation.

Next Steps

NCMA strives to continually improve its products and services to advance the contract management profession. We ask that you review the Contract Management Standard and provide feedback as to how it applies to your situation. Also, we are very interested in your opinion(s) of its shortcomings and how it can be improved. Click here to submit feedback via survey.