Contract Management Leadership Development Program (CMLDP)

The highly-competitive Contract Management Leadership Development Program (CMLDP) is designed to help develop our next generation of leaders through an intensive educational experience focused on live leadership training, mentoring and networking. Participants will receive, without charge, approximately 160 hours of top-quality education during this 10-month program in leadership, volunteerism, and governance. A primary goal of the program is to propel graduates into leadership positions, armed with the tools they will need to succeed.


  • Gain access and make career connections to government and industry contracting leaders
  • Receive career guidance and feedback throughout the program from two mentors who are senior contracting professionals
  • Experience an NCMA Board of Directors meeting and network with NCMA leaders at national and chapter levels
  • Receive live leadership training from leadership and contracting professionals
  • Practice leadership skills in small and large groups and bring new skillsets back to the workplace
  • Join classmates and faculty at in-person training events
  • Write 2 professional papers with the possibility of publication in Contract Management Magazine
  • Receive over 160 CPE hours
  • Available for a 1-year period after graduation, students are eligible to receive one Certification Online Preparatory Course of their choosing at no cost (CPCM, CFCM, or CCCM)


LandonHillLandon Hill, Fellow, MBA
CMLDP Coach 2018–2019

Landon Hill is a Procurement Manager at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, leading an acquisition group providing support for energy and environmental research. Previously, he served as a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army, and as a supply chain analyst at Panalpina. He is also a 2013 graduate of the CMLDP.


The ideal candidate is an NCMA member desiring a leadership role in the contract management profession. Typical candidates have at least four but no more than 8 years of experience in contract management, and have not yet held a supervisory or management position (or have less than 1 year of experience as a supervisor and/or manager). He or she must hold a bachelor’s degree, or higher, from an accredited institution. The ideal candidate should have a strong desire to become a leader and be recommended by his or her employer as a top performer with a high potential for advancement who will thrive and benefit from this program.  


Candidates must be an NCMA member to apply, but there is no cost to participants. The only expenses participants experience are travel-related costs to attend the three in-person training events (SubCon, World Congress, and GCMS). Total travel expenses will vary depending upon location. Applicants may seek support for these expenses in full or in part from their employers or their chapters. A budget worksheet is included with the application.

Time Commitment 

Participants are expected to attend three in-person training events (SubCon, World Congress, and GCMS) over the course of the 10-month program. In addition, students are expected to complete individual and small group assignments, work on team projects, communicate regularly with their mentors, and complete research papers. Students are required to stay involved with NCMA either at the local chapter or national level for one full year after graduation.