Strategic Contract Management Courses

NCMA has partnered with Business Management Daily to provide contract management professionals a series of online training courses on leadership, communications, and negotiations topics for the Learning Pathways “Strategic Path.” This path is designed for professionals who want to amplify their strategic impact within their organizations. These newly added courses are presented by a variety of renowned instructors from prominent institutions, including Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation. Attendees will receive 1–2 CPE/CLP credits for each course. 

The What People REALLY Want: 5 Secrets to Successful Negotiating

In this course, Harvard Professor Daniel Shapiro, Ph.D., shares his powerful, 5-point framework, which exposes key human motivations driving negotiations—and which has been shown to improve outcomes in countless businesses and government negotiations. Learn More.

Bargaining with the Devil: Strategies and Techniques for Negotiating with Tough Opponents

Robert Mnookin, Harvard Law professor, international negotiating expert, and bestselling author, will share his secrets about how to successfully negotiate with people you don’t trust—or even like. Learn techniques and strategies for reaching agreements with disagreeable people. Learn More.

Thanks for the Feedback: How to Give it (and Take it) the Right Way—Every Time

Sheila Heen, negotiation expert and Harvard Law School lecturer, shares her techniques for success on both sides of the feedback equation. She will explore the challenges of key feedback triggers (“We,” “Who,” and “See”) to help you grasp how others respond to feedback. Learn More.

The Magnetic Manager: Becoming the Best Boss You Can Be

Learn practical techniques to create a positive work environment, retain your best employees, and make your job easier and more enjoyable. Learn More.

Managing Millennials for Long-Term Success

Millennials now make up 35% of the U.S. workforce and, in 10 years, they'll be more than half. Their values, technology, and communication methods contrast (and sometimes conflict) with those of older generations. The common result: reduced engagement, less productivity, and more turnover. Trainer Amy Hirsh Robinson will teach you how to effectively integrate millennials into your workplace for maximum retention and competitive advantage. Learn More.

How to Effectively Hire and Manage Remote Employees

Remote employees don't need micromanagement, but they do need to be held accountable. They must know what is expected, have the right tools, and be given regular coaching. And it's important to know how to hire people who are the best at working remotely. This course will help your management team become masters at coaching and dealing with their far-flung employees. Learn More.

Why Smart Managers Hire the Wrong People

In this course, Mel Kleiman, a leading authority on hiring in North America, will provide you with an arsenal of easy-to-implement tools, tips, and techniques to recruit, interview, hire, and retain the top talent. Learn More.