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Contract Management Magazine welcomes the submission of original articles on contract management best practices, case studies, problems, insights, applications, and letters to the editor. As a contract management professional, your best practices, lessons learned, and personal experiences on the job can be valuable to readers. We accept articles on a rolling basis. Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more!

What should I write about?

Check out our 2018 Editorial Calendar to see the topics of upcoming issues.

Other common article topics include, but are not limited to alternative dispute resolution, commercial contracting, environmental contracting, IT/digital services, education, grants management, healthcare contracting, international acquisition, program management, project management, small business contracting, state and local government contracting, ethics, and professional development.

Articles that promote a particular company, product, or service can be published as a Sponsored Perspectives column. For more information, contact Chris Martin, Network Media Partners, at or (410) 584-1967.

How long should the article be?

The length of your article is up to you. Our feature-length articles range from 1,500 to 4,000 words. Our departments/columns range from 500 to 1,500 words. We prefer to receive feature-length articles, but we're open to short, column-length articles as well.

How do I submit an article?

Submit your manuscript as a Microsoft Word document to NCMA's director of publications and editor in chief, Kerry Hansen, at Articles are evaluated based on readability, soundness of content, timeliness, and interest to our readers. We also consider whether you support your ideas with concrete examples.